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Can you ship your own racing car to race?

After you become a RACER MEMBER, yes, you can with a return shipping label with the car you sent. If you forget to send return shipping label. I will charge more because it takes away my time to entertain others and what I do behind the scenes. If your car is damaged where it loses speed, MTR cannot repair your car. I will contact you about it. You have to let me know to ship it back to you. The race must go on. I will race as is until I get your response and it will still count as a DNF (Did not finish) 0 points/score.

Can you ship a car for MTR to tune up and race? 

Yes, you can, but the time and money I put into this car will become MTR car.  Every car is not a racer. I will do my best to make it run. On TikTok (Tune Ticket) will show you how to make a well balance car and show all secrets on building one. I have lots of cars to choose from. If you do not see any in the “New Cars or Race Ready Cars section” let me know.

When are the doors opening to start Racing?

Doors open Now! Get your car tune up and ready for the 9 month Racing Event! Jan 1 – Sept 30 2024

(note adjustments well be made as more join in on the fun.)

What are you getting for the Racer registered plan?

Your able to choose your racing Manufacturer vehicle to race. The free car is all located on in New Cars section. (If it’s not there, request it. I will show you all that I have on hand if not you can send that detail color car if you like) I will post new cars as I improve day by day. Then you can upgrade your car from wheels, weight, aerodynamics, and even a paint job.

Then there are “Race Ready Cars”. These cars have been tested and ready to give you a winning chance on the raceway.

Whatever manufacturer you choose, MTR will keep records of your wins, loses and will do a time trial run on your car.  Everyone will be able to see it and become a fan of your car and if they want to, they can donate to improve your car. 

And last but not least! Give out Prizes to the winner’s 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. That will be a MTR Trophy, Diecast car and Much More. 

How many can join?

Up to 2 cars per person. After we reach 1 thousand Racers, you won’t have the option to choose 2 cars. (You have to pay the racers fee twice to have up to 2 cars.) Supporters that want to donate to a racer, can join for free.  But Meal Ticket Raceway only tracking 1 thousand racers only. Once that is fill up, you can register to get in line to join if someone cancel their Racing license.

What are MTR Goals in doing all this?

My goal is to get a store front to setup 5 more Racetrack. 1.Drag racetrack no one has ever seen. 2. Another MTR Raceway of Drag race, Efficiency, and Endurance. 3.  A Monster Trucks Track. 4 Wide track MTR style. And 5. which I’m building right now Nascar. Note: The raceway you see here will not change. This one will stay here.

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