MTR Lounge.

This is the Ultimate Diecast Grand Prix Race of, Drag Race, Efficiency, and Endurance!

Meal Ticket Raceway (MTR) is the World's longest enclosed six lane raceway with six MTR custom turns never been done before to enhanced the race, with three finish lines, where you finish the race. MTR is the only one of its kind in the world!

These die-cast manufactured cars race up to six lanes, showing the world that they are the best all-around car to win it all.

Speed and experience are not all that's needed. There are four stages, but three will get your car into a competitive level.

The car you choose to race with us is domestic, import, Nascar, Hot Wheels Fantasy, Matchbox Fantasy, F1, Motorcycle, Johnny Lightnings, Auto World or another type, if the car can fit the track, it can compete.

Race with us at MTR and prove that you're number one on this nail biting, heart thumping, unpredictable weather changing track! We're here to entertain you in the diecast world, so bring it!

Like Mel-D says : Let's Light This Up!

The Longest Diecast 6 Lane Raceway.


Drag Race









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